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Density is refer to how closely your strands of hair are pack on your head. Its simply how thin or thick they are collectively when freshy wash and un-parted. Your hair density can be affected by different variable such as your hair texture, porosity and the width.

Low Density Hair: If you can see your scalp very easily then you low hair density.

Medium Density Hair: If you can see some of your scalp then you have medium hair density.

High Density Hair: If your scalp is difficult or impossible to see then you have high hair density.

3 Test to conduct to know hair density

1. Count One By One:

Count each strand one by one from different sections of your hair.

2. Determine if you can see your scalp

Use freshy wash hair and let it hang in his natural state without making a part in them. Then look at it from different angles and look if you can see your scalp.

3. Measure your ponytail diameter

Low density hair is equal to or less than 2 inches.

Medium hair density is 2-3 inches.

High hair density is equal to or more than 4 inches.

Products recommandations

Low Density Hair: Use lighter products, such as hair milks rather than heavy product because it will reduce your hair volume. You want to apply products that won’t weigh your hair down. Heavy product will make your hair lay flat.

Medium Density Hair: use a variety of light and heavy products to enhance your texture.

High Density Hair: use heavier products, such as gels, creams and butters. Your hair is going to do well with heavier products to reduce volume.

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